If you follow my Tumblr, you may know that I just spent my 30th birthday in the hospital with an c. diff infection.  It is actually the THIRD birthday I've spent in the hospital in the last seven years for one complication with my IBD or another.  It kind of sucks.  But I'm blessed with a super supportive family and support system - including my brother who is currently running his FIFTH [at least] half-marathon for Team Challenge, which raises money for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America.  The CCFA uses the money raised to fund research into a cure and support groups for patients, including an awesome summer camp for children suffering with the disease.  Because sometimes the most important thing for a patient with IBD is knowing they aren't alone (trust me, I did one season of Team Challenge myself and though running it was too much for my body, the Team Challenge family has become critical to my mental and physical health.)

I will answer a personal shopping question of your choice (publicly or privately - your choice) in return for a donation of $20 or more to my brother's Team Challenge half-marathon fundraising program in the next week! Message me letting me know you want to participate and I will send you the fundraising link [can't post it here, it'd give away my identity] - and then let me know what your question is. 

No more birthdays lost, lets find a cure. Consider giving today!