One for inspiration post and then back to answering a couple of questions (so if you have submitted a question...stick around!)  So the inspiration here is this Amber Sun 'Megan' Print Blazer at Nordstroms ($89).  I love this one.  I like the two buttons (can be really hard to find right now) and that its fitted without being completely shrunken.  It also has full-length sleeves on a light weight summer blazer, which is hard to find.  Finally, I love that a blazer in a bright color has a pattern, but that the pattern isn't too bold.  Instead the pattern serves to temper the yellow slightly without making the blazer such an aggressive statement piece that it would be difficult to style.  I think this would look lovely with gray, navy, tan or beige, white, eggplant, berry, or teal.  Best part - I think it could be paired with a nice pencil skirt and blouse for work or jeans and a t-shirt or over a sundress for weekends. So its super versatile.

So now that I've spoken with such obvious rapturous glee about an item - lets look for a few other similar items shall we?  I'll look for a variety of colors, cuts, styles, and sizes here to fit a variety of people and tastes.  Hope you see something you like. I do think that a fun, colored blazer can add a metaphorical smile to your wardrobe this time of year.
Tonal Knit Blazer at Anthropologie ($49.95 - not entirely sold on this for work but its super cute and comes in blue.)
Vince Camuto Rumpled Blazer in cherry at Nordstroms ($169 - I wouldn't normally recommend something called a "rumpled" blazer - especially not for $169 and made of polyester - but for my longer waisted readers I like this option.  Has two buttons and actually looks like its made to work for taller, longer waisted people.  I'd still wait for it to go on sale though.)
Alice + Olivia Elyse Cambray Blazer at ShopBop ($290.40 - a more formal take on chambray than the shirt - expensive yes, but the close up pictures show some beautiful tailoring.  The sleeves are full length.)
Blenheim Blazer in Driftwood Doves at Boden ($49-78.40 - I own this and its cute, the cotton is nice for summer but still substantial.  But one tip, order at least a size down, it runs large.)
DKNY Jeans Shawl Collar Blazer w/ Ruched Three-Quarter Sleeve in Mango Satin at 6pm ($64.99 - the shawl collar and single button make this a nice option for larger busted women, plus this hits lower at the hip, possibly nice for an apple, "O" shaped woman - attention Reader A.)
Voyager Jacket at Pendleton ($151-$158 - note - available in all sizes up to 24W - sorry, best picture available)
Cotton Tweed Cardigan Jacket at Ann Taylor ($148 - a great option for those who prefer sweaters to jackets).
Fine Touch Boucle Jacket at Coldwater Creek ($99 - available in plus sizes)
Elie Tahari Monroe Tweed Jacket at Bergdorf Goodman ($248 for the jacket - I surprisingly like the zipper front and notched neckline - adds interest without being *too* weird.  I might even like the full suit - especially if pink looks really good on you, also I think there's a darker teal version if you're interested.)

Okay!  I hope you like those options.  So I'm sick this weekend (actually in hospital) - so that may mean that either there will be A LOT of new posts or not many new posts depending on how bored I am and how good I feel.  Anyone else found some good summer blazers out there?  Put them in the comments!
Mamabear asks:

Hi TCFKAG, love you xoxo I am invited to a wedding in a hot climate over Memorial Day weekend. I'd like to wear a dress, but the candidates are all sleeveless and I don't care to expose my upper arms (combo of flab and keratosis pillaris.) I am looking for a very lightweight half- or 3/4-sleeve cardigan/shrug/topper that reads summer to wear over a sleeveless dress. This dress (which I already own) is the main contender: Eileen Fisher Plus Size U-neck Calf Length Dress.  But I am not seeing anything at EF that I would like to wear as the topper. Any suggestions?
First of all, Mamabear - I love you SO much.  I'm happy that you asked this question because I'm happy to know that you grace this blog with your glorious presence.  So - for those readers following along at home, this is the dress that Mamabear is considering purchasing to wear to the wedding.  I think its very pretty and gives a nice, laid-back sort of vibe.  So I will try to suggest some shrugs and cardigans that fit the same vibe.  (Mamabear - I'm assuming that you aren't interested in wraps.  But I'm going to suggest a couple at the end just in case that's an option you want to consider.)
Calvin Klein Plus-Sized Raglan Sleeved Open Front Shrug at Lord & Taylor ($59.62 - says its pink, but it looks orange, either way the color is lovely and I like the cut and it would really flatter the navy dress.)
Vince Camuto Lace Cardigan at Nordstroms ($99 - not sure if it will fit and its a bit pricy but its lovely and reusable for work or other events so wanted to share it.)
Festive Beaded Shrug at Coldwater Creek ($69.99 available up to size 16)
Scully Honey Creek Sheer Drape Shrug from Zappos ($45 - not crazy about the tie front - but I like its lightness.)
Linen-blend drape cardigan from J. Jill ($69 - available in a variety of colors and definitely reusable.)
Investments II Floral-Print Crepe-Front Cardigan ($59 - I don't know, wanted to let you see a pattern as an idea.)

Okay - hope these ideas help!  If anybody ends up buying one of me a favor and click on the link here to buy them why don't you?  :-)  That would be awesome!  Ha.