Mamabear asks:

Hi TCFKAG, love you xoxo I am invited to a wedding in a hot climate over Memorial Day weekend. I'd like to wear a dress, but the candidates are all sleeveless and I don't care to expose my upper arms (combo of flab and keratosis pillaris.) I am looking for a very lightweight half- or 3/4-sleeve cardigan/shrug/topper that reads summer to wear over a sleeveless dress. This dress (which I already own) is the main contender: Eileen Fisher Plus Size U-neck Calf Length Dress.  But I am not seeing anything at EF that I would like to wear as the topper. Any suggestions?
First of all, Mamabear - I love you SO much.  I'm happy that you asked this question because I'm happy to know that you grace this blog with your glorious presence.  So - for those readers following along at home, this is the dress that Mamabear is considering purchasing to wear to the wedding.  I think its very pretty and gives a nice, laid-back sort of vibe.  So I will try to suggest some shrugs and cardigans that fit the same vibe.  (Mamabear - I'm assuming that you aren't interested in wraps.  But I'm going to suggest a couple at the end just in case that's an option you want to consider.)
Calvin Klein Plus-Sized Raglan Sleeved Open Front Shrug at Lord & Taylor ($59.62 - says its pink, but it looks orange, either way the color is lovely and I like the cut and it would really flatter the navy dress.)
Vince Camuto Lace Cardigan at Nordstroms ($99 - not sure if it will fit and its a bit pricy but its lovely and reusable for work or other events so wanted to share it.)
Festive Beaded Shrug at Coldwater Creek ($69.99 available up to size 16)
Scully Honey Creek Sheer Drape Shrug from Zappos ($45 - not crazy about the tie front - but I like its lightness.)
Linen-blend drape cardigan from J. Jill ($69 - available in a variety of colors and definitely reusable.)
Investments II Floral-Print Crepe-Front Cardigan ($59 - I don't know, wanted to let you see a pattern as an idea.)

Okay - hope these ideas help!  If anybody ends up buying one of me a favor and click on the link here to buy them why don't you?  :-)  That would be awesome!  Ha.