Reader HC queries:

I am desperately seeking a pair of pale tan/cognac driving shoes/loafers for commuting to work and maybe wearing on non-heels days. The office is biz formal. Here is the pair I am currently obsessed with: Acne Kyra Loafer That is the PERFECT color.  Complicating factors: 99% of stiff loafery shoes give me blisters at the back of the heel, so I generally need to wear shoes with flexible "driving" soles or which are otherwise from "comfortable shoe" brands.  I'd like to spend under $200, preferably under $150.  Oh, and they don't necessarily need to be as plain as the ones linked-- it's the color more than anything that calls to me.  Thank youuu!

So - as anyone who has ever shopped on-line knows, the hardest thing to do...ever is match colors.  Depending on screen color, picture quality, whatever - colors can appear really different in pictures and in person (just look at any shirt that has been called "tomato" but looks coral in a picture or vice versa.)  I love the color of the shoes you picked, a nice warm toasted almond color (if I had to describe it) and I'll endeavor to match it as closely as possible. For those shopping along at home, here are the shoes in question.
Keeping in mind that color is more important than shape and the requirements for a soft bottom and/or comfort brand, here are a few options I found for you.
Frye Rebecca Penny Loafer at Amazon ($157.95 - same toasted color, comfort bottom, overall nice look).
Luna Loafer at Free People ($49.95 - maybe a bit too orange, but super cute with the toe-cap and cheap - might be worth a try.)
Dolce Vita Bronx Loafers at Shop Bop ($149.95 - I'm a sucker for the men's styling - not sure about comfort though - you might be able to get a slide in gel sole for the back to make them more comfortable.)
Cole Haan Laurel Moccasin in Sandstone at Zappos ($104.95)
Stella French Sole FS/NY in Beige Suede at Piperlime ($119.99 - I really like these!)

Okay - hope a few of these options suit your fancy.  I think they might work for you.

PSA - I'm traveling this weekend so not sure how much I can post.  Have a good weekend though.