Reader MyNewRoom submitted the "See You Round" skirt on the top left corner from ModCloth.  She guessed, correctly, that I would think it was awesome.  In fact, I think its so awesome that I already own something very much like it!  I find my polka dot skirt surprisingly versatile - I wear it to work with a navy blazer and gray heels and on weekends with my oxblood boots and whatever top I'm in the mood for.  It adds interest to the outfit without being overwhelming and is a way to wear a pattern on the bottom without adding volume.  Overall, I definitely recommend.  Here are a few other options too.

See You Round Skirt from ModCloth ($42.99)
Polka Dot Jacquard Pencil Skirt from the Limited ($59.90)
P.M.E. Knee Length Skirt at Yoox ($142.00)
Charter Club Slim Polka-Dot Pencil Skirt at Macy's ($44.99)
Love Moschino Knee Length Skirt at Yoox ($95.00) (perhaps a more casual choice).
Marsil Knee Length Skirt at Yoox ($85.00)

Editors Note: Reader Plcesq - I sent you an e-mail clarifying your questions - check it out!  
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