So - you all know I like to sometimes pick an item out and then find alternative, cheaper, versions of that item.  Well, this time I was looking at L.K. Bennett, a brand that I (like most Americans probably) discovered because of the Duchess of Cambridge, and found actually two items that were beautiful enough to make me want to hunt for them. So here they are.
Armina Sleeveless dress in pink-fuchsia ($725 - I love the construction of this dress...LOVE...also available in black and white - luckily its out of stock in my side so I can't even really consider it.)

Silver Pleat A-Line Skirt in navy print ($158 - somewhat lucky sizes only and unfortunately a beautiful champagne alternative is entirely sold out.)
So - lets get to the shopping for alternatives.  My main goals will be, for the dress, finding nicely constructed dresses that have differently colored tops and bottoms (I like that look because I think it makes it look like you are wearing a blouse and skirt but more sleek and without the risk of the shirt coming untucked and looks great under a blazer.)  On the skirt, I'll be looking for a-line skirts with pretty patterns like this, but I think pleats will be a plus only, since I know only some people like pleats.  SO LETS DO THIS THING!
Mango Two-Tone Pleated Dress at Amazon ($79 - I love that a black and white option, though I hope the skirt is longer on non models.  Note the pleated satin panels on the top.  I would wear it with a contrasting blazer, maybe in cobalt?  And then with gray or nude shoes.  A good look for the office, I think. 
Can we also talk about these shoes and how much I NEED them in my life?
Eliza J Sleeveless Color Block Dress at Amazon ($138 - I like the pleated a-line skirt and that the belt creates a clear delineation and gives the waist definition.  I think this would be good for work with a cardi or blazer and GREAT for outdoor summer events, like company "picnics" or clam bakes."
Calvin Klein Colorblock Side Drape Sheath Dress at Nordstroms ($118 - I L.O.V.E. love love the side drape.  So flattering if you are sensitive about your tummy/waist area as I am, I think you'll probably ADORE this draping.  Seriously people, I think this might be going on my WANT WANT WANT list.)
Blair Color-Blocked sheath dress from BCBG Max Asazria ($187.60 on sale - love the colors for summer/spring and comes in a mint green/coral combo as well.)
JillRo Color-block Jersey Wrap Dress in peone/navy at Neiman Marcus ($215 - closest dress I've found in color scheme and I think the jersey wrap might actually be more flattering on a lot of people.)
I will note about these first alternatives, that I did find in my hunt some absolutely beautiful options from some designer lines, like L'Agence, St. John Collection, Kate Spade New York, and LotusGrace (this last one was in the post until the very very last moment when I found that Calvin Klein one - but I still love it so check it out.)  I didn't include these dresses though - and I generally don't include many designer options - because my goal is to find affordable (or more affordable anyway) versions of the things I'm inspired by.  That goal isn't met by posting $500 dresses.  No matter how much I love them.  Now on to the skirts!
Riviera Skirt in bright red parasols at Boden ($88 - this skirt actually comes in four designs and I love all of them - especially the Blue Scallop.  I think this could be weekend wear or work wear.  And I find Boden's quality good and they deliver promptly.)
Laviniaturra Knee Length Skirt in Dark Blue at Yoox ($151 - Not the beautiful floral of the inspiration but I love a checked pattern and it would be a great basic workhorse in any professional wardrobe.)
A Brushstroke with Fame Skirt on ModCloth ($54.99 - great for work. Could be paired with green to create a monochromatic look.  Gets great reviews. Click here to see a ModCloth skirt I also like.)
Floral Print Pleated A-Line Skirt from THE LIMITED ($41.93 on sale - okay - what is going on at the Limited - when did they become awesome. I didn't shop at the Limited when I WAS in high school?  They have stepped UP their fracking game.  This skirt is a great alternative to the champagne L.K. Bennett one. Also, side note, for chambray fans, look at this one and for floral fans, this one is cute.)
Floral Pleated Skirt multi-colored from Jones New York ($59 - I like that the floral print on this isn't too literal, the length is great for work and looks like it might be long enough to work for even taller readers and it comes in petite as well.  And the price is nice too.  Jones NY also had a couple other A-Line skirts, and for my animal print loving readers ... you know who you are - check out this one.)
Finally - this row is just a few other things I like from L.K. Bennett.  Just because, they had so many, many options.
Olivia Silk Graphic Print Scarf - Ocean Blue ($161 - you ALL know how I feel about scarves and this one, oh my god, I just...I'm platzing. Also comes in coral/orange print.  More than I spend on scarves but grilled cheesus is this gorgeous.)
Cap-sleeve silk dress in champagne print ($312 - this is actually essentially the same pattern as the skirt above and this is the sold out champagne print (lovely isn't it) - the navy is available as well!)
I am including both of these shoes: the Floral Print Heels ($365) and the Malibu Metallic Leather Peep-Toe Sandal ($277) because I think they'd make great wedding shoes.  I've gotten many wedding shoe questions in the past and both of these would be beautiful options for that...or for any special occasion really.
So that's all they wrote folks ... and in the immortal words of Veronica Mars:
"I'd be the best rich person. I'd be the perfect combination of frivolous and sensible. Money is wasted on the wealthy."

Happy shopping everyone and Happy Friday to boot.
Reader ML asks very politely [since she's Canadian get it],
Hi! I've been looking for a pleated tea length or knee length skirt that's really flowy, but with a non-elastic and sort of wide waistband. I'd like something in either black or gray, or a summery colour, maybe a mint or coral or lavender? I would consider a patterned one. I've only been able to find ones with elastic waistbands, and they are not flattering on me. I usually wear a size 10 or 12, and I'm in Canada, so hopefully from a store that either ships here, or is located here. I'd pay up to $150 (including shipping and duties!), though preferably at or below $100. Thanks!

So, if you follow my Tumblr, which of course you should, you'll know that I had to do a little independent research for this one on which retailers are actually in Canada and which one's ship to Canada (though I'm going to try to avoid that since I hate buying something and paying most of the cost in shipping.)  But, I also found Shopstyle Canada, which might be useful for you ML and my other readers in the friendly land to the north.  But - enough about process, I know you just come here for results.  So here they are!
Tradition MD Pleaded Skirt in coral from Sears Canada ($34.99 - I like this one!  Exactly what you're looking for I think, right in budget, and it comes in black, coral, and turquoise.  I might get all three.  Attn other readers - comes in plus sizes as well!)
Corey Lynn Calter Desi Blocked Midi skirt in purple, rust, coral at Couture Candy ($129.00 - expensive yes, but more interesting than the other ones - comes in another color pattern as well.)
Worthington Accordian Pleated Skirt with contrasting waistband in white at JC Penny ($14 on clearance - so I actually prefer the black version of this, but the picture on the website the details were hard to see, so I used the white one so you could see it better.  For my tall readers, this comes in tall as well.)
ASOS Sleeveless Midi Dress with Pleated Skirt and Belt in green at ASOS ($54.99 - okay I know this is a dress, but its beautiful and has just the skirt you're looking for, comes in green, orange, and navy, and ASOS ships to Canada for free.  I'm actually thinking of buying this green one for myself, that's how much I like it.)
ASOS Midi Skirt in Pleated Lace at ASOS ($54.30 - okay, this row is basically just my rebel row - but this is so cute I thought I'd share it - available in both coral and navy.)
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Colorblock Pleated Skirt at Hudson's Bay ($50.99 - limited sizes available but yours is one of them Reader ML - I'm not sure how I feel about the pleats not being on the sides of this skirt though.  A bit odd.)

Okay ML - those are my favorites - hope one of them works for you.  Have fun shopping for a lovely pleated confection for all your summer skirt having needs.  :-)