Due to work, health, and life, I have not had time to update this blog for quite sometime. You all may have guessed this already, but wanted to make it official. If you still have questions about fashion, styling, jewelry, or work etiquette, please feel free to submit a question at my Tumblr. And because I can't leave you with nothing, here's some of the fall/winter shoes, coats, and jackets that have really stood out for me.
Jessica Simpson Campsonne Pump at Lord & Taylor
Kors by Michael Kors Mavis Cut Out Pumps at Lord & Taylor
Classiques Entier 'Stella' a-line dress in tweed at Nordstroms. I just bought this dress a couple of weeks ago; it was love at first site! (Note: I paid full price for this dress, that's how much I loved it. But I just looked and it is now 40% off - so I'm going to be trying to get a price reduction, I haven't even worn it yet!!) Check back on my Tumblr later today to see if I'm doing my "I saved almost $100 bucks" happy dance.
I don't believe in love at first sight. But if I did, it would be for these shoes. The houndstooth pattern is subtle enough that the shoes can still act as a neural, while bringing more variety to a shoe collection gathering too may black pumps.
Marc Jacobs Mary Janes look like they'd be hella comforable. I bet you could walk a marathon in these. Because there are relatively few sizes left, but as a result its a smoking deal.
This Classiques jacket/blazer (is that a jlazet or something) was hanging quite near the above dress in the store. I l.o.v.e. burgundies for the fall and winter - they work very well for my coloring. And I think throwing this jacket on over the dress would be an awesome, fun, and a little funky option for a dressy business casual office.
Marc Fisher Hold Me Tote in cement. Michael Kors is using a very similar shade of gray this season, but this bag costs substantially less. I also like the included wristlet. In my experience, pewter and other shades of gray are actually much more versatile than just black. And its a less harsh color.
The Everlane Twill Snap backpack in red. On a very good sale right now and I've got to say; there comes a point in every adult's life when they decide (or their shoulders or back decides for them) that they need to start carrying a backpack. And this one is lovely *and* has padded straps, many of this type of bag don't.


"I 'd be the best rich person. Seriously, I'd be the perfect balance 
of sensible and frivolous. Money is wasted on the rich."
-Veronica Mars  
St. John's collection Tubular Box Knit Flared Dress. Admittedly, there are not too many sizes available on this one, but you might fit one of the other beautiful St. John's dresses at Nordstroms. There are some other beautiful St. John's dresses on sale right now at Nordies, though none of them are less than $500. Oh well.
Salvatore Ferragamo patent leather d'orsay pumps. I bought a pair of Ferragamo shoes last year at the Union Square Nordstrom's Rack and they are amazing. Shockingly comfortable for having small heels and pointy toes. Though if you're picking up your very first pair of Ferragamo heels (or any designer really), you might be better off getting classic black or brown leather.
If I have to tell you what brand these are, I wonder what you're doing here. Just kidding. Christian Louboutin t-strap pumps in Burgundy. I feel like this is the designer version of the cute burgundy Mary Janes I linked above.
Everybody loves a simple camel hair winter trench. But I like that this Cinzia Rocca Due has enough interesting features that it feels fresh without being so trendy that you'd have to replace it in three years. My only wish is that it had a belt, because I think it would look like a potato sack on me. But I'd have to see.
And that's all she wrote for today folks. But I think I'm finally feeling motivated to start doing some more vicarious shopping, so drop some ideas in the ask box above (or if you submit or ask on my Tumblr, I'll transfer the question here. 

So tell me dear readers, what are YOUR favorite new item of clothing for the season. Its a toss up for me between a Cole Haan burgundy flared winter coat (which I can't find an exact picture of) and these knee-high boots from Børn. 
Burberry Wool Blend Stand Collar Coat - this is the closest version to my Cole Haan coat that I got for my birthday from Mr. TCFKAG, but I like mine better actually (somewhere someone gasped and clutched their pearls.
My new Crown by Børn boots - which are basically exactly like my last set of boots (though a little more brown) because after three or four years of really hard use, I managed to mess up the zipper so many times that the cobbler actually got mad at me when I came back to get them fixed!
Reader Unicorn and Pixies asked: Looking for black long sleeved Dolman shirt / sweater to wear to work (big law). Like to spend under $100. I'm usually a s or m. Thank you!

Dolman tops and sweaters are a bit of a hot button issue on Corporette for some reason; many readers dislike dolman sleeves with a passion. I don't mind them - I have larger than average upper arms and find that fitted sleeves sometimes make my arms look a bit...sausage like. Dolman sleeves can be a great relaxed alternative look for sleeves.  But the challenge, of course, for work is making sure that a sometimes slouchy look is polished enough for the workplace. But I'm going to find you some awesome options U&P!!

 And - since this is a bit of a simple question, but I still wanted to help U&P out - I decided to do a combo post. I'll post the black long sleeved dolman shirts and sweaters - but also fun fall accessories I've seen that might go well with it - especially scarves, jewelry, belts, perhaps a vest or two, whatever catches my fancy!  Its been awhile since I've done an accessories post and fall is my favorite accessories season - you can layer, you can wear all my favorite jewel tones [and mix them up in jewelry and clothes], and purses and bags come in lovely shades of leather.  So this post will be a little bit for you U&P and a little bit of TCFKAG's ideas for fall accessories.  Hope you all enjoy it!
Dolman Sleeved Cowl top from Coldwater Creek ($59.96-69.95 - the cowl neck top on this shirt makes it fairly unique from most other dolman sleeved shirts, which tend to be boat neck or wide v-necks. Coldwater has lots of dolman options, including this one and this one that may work for you. And for those reading along at home, many of these items come in plus sizes as well and in other colors, including a gorgeous eggplant for the shirt above.)
Graphic Print Wool Scarf from Norstroms ($59 - with emerald green [and frankly all greens] so trendy right now, its a great time to add some green accessories to your wardrobe.  I especially like this scarf because it mixes the green with the navy blue [mixing of jewel tones] but also adds in the yellow which brightens the scarf and will allow it to transition into a spring wardrobe smoothly. Scarf also available in other colors. This similar graphical scarf is cool too.)
Ann Taylor Loft Banded Dolman Tee ($29.50 - I know many of my readers [honestly myself included] have largely sworn off the Loft because of quality issues, but this simple dolman tee is a cotton-wool blend, the banded waistline makes it a bit more formal and the short sleeve dolman look makes it a great layering item. It has great reviews and comes in awesome colors. Might be worth a try at that price.)
Halogen Scoop Back Ruched Dolman Top at Nordstroms ($44 - I REALLY like this simple dolman top from Nordstroms [the scooped back is not dramatically low].  The ruched waist gives it a fitted look, but the dolman sleeves keep it loose and comfortable through the chest, shoulder, and bicep areas for those of you with muscles or me with the arms de sausage. ;-)  It comes in a variety of lovely colors and in regular and petite sizes.)
White House Black Market Easy Dolman Tee ($38 - WHBM is becoming one of my go to stores for work clothes, which is sort of shocking, and I think this shirt is a good example of why.  It would be excellent for layering under suit jackets or cardigans - its a cotton-modal blend which gives it a silkier, slightly dressier appearance. I'm not sure about wearing it entirely on its own, especially at Big Law, but as a layering piece this is a great option.)
Halogen Dolman Sleeved Tunic from Nordstroms ($64 - another great dolman top that comes in great, great colors - including this black.  What you can't really see in the black picture is that there's a pit of a pronounced seam up the center of the sweater and sleeves at the waist - adding interest. May verge on too casual for a big law office, but wanted to share anyway.)
Latico Leathers Cross-Body bag at Amazon ($76.49 - at over 60% off this cross-body tote is a pretty great deal for real leather. The single review on Amazon is good and the chestnut color looks lovely. There's a picture giving scale against a human and its not quite as large as the out of context picture would suggest - it would be a great weekend or travel purse, or for work if you don't have to carry a laptop or files on a regular basis. I personally love cross-body purses and this is a lovely one with clean lines.)
Trouvé hi-low v-neck dolman sweater at Nordstroms ($68 - I wanted to make sure you had a true sweater option and I like this relatively simple Trouvé option. The hi-low hemline is barely noticeable and its short enough at the waist to be easily worn tucked in or not, which makes it versatile; pair with short collar or long pendant necklace for great effect.)
Michael by Michael Kors 'Slim Runway' Bracelet Watch at Nordstroms ($180 - This is definitely a splurge item - but it is also a beautiful, simple, and yet utterly sexy watch.  The black and gold is certainly on trend right now, but there's nothing about this watch that wouldn't be stylish forever. Plus, for those women who don't want a metallic watch there are just so few options and this is the cream of the crop. This hits just the right balance of edgy, trendy, but yet eternal. I kind of love it.)
Dex Jaquard Draped Front Cardigan at Piperlime ($78 - this cardigan, which has a fun jaquard pattern on the back, is the slouchy sweater you could wear all fall and never get sick of. Pair it with jeans, knee high boots, a black t-shirt, and a long pendant necklace, and maybe a cute hat if that's your thing and you've basically built the perfect fall outfit for the weekend. Also a great option for people whose offices are experimenting with how cold you can keep the human body and still get productive work from them.)
Women's scoop neck 3/4 sleeve dolman top at Old Navy ($14.00 - this may be more casual than you are looking for [and the reviews are only so-so, it looks like you may want to order a size up and/or even order a tall if you are "normal" height] but at $14 it might be worth at least checking out.)
Marru Matte Silk Top at Piperlime ($208 - so obviously this is a splurge item [that I would perhaps stalk until it goes on sale anyway] but I love this style of silk top with simple pleating down the front.  Its perfect for work, can be worn under blazers, on its own, with suits, and is surprisingly versatile on the weekends. Comes in other colors as well.)
Wyatt Blue and Black Contrast Stripe Jersey Dolman Top at Bluefly ($44.79 - so I know you said black, but I like this bold blue and black striped dolman top so much that I thought I'd recommend it anyway.  With a pair of simple black slacks and an opera length necklace - this would be a fun Friday look for work and a great weekend shirt.)
Neiman Marcus Chestnut Zip-Top Basketweave Tote at Neiman Marcus Last Call ($47.50 - chestnut is a beautiful color for fall; it just seems to jive with many of the seasonal colors of oranges and burgundy and green and other jewel tones.  Plus this bag seems like a killer steal - a lovely zip-top tote in a cool basketweave for over 50% off.  Definitely worth a look see.)
DV by Dolce Vita 'Sandie' Boot at Nordstroms ($79.90 - this boot is a fun combination of the moto-boot that is so in right now and the combat boot, that is coming back with the 90s trend [which if I see it called 'vintage' 90s one more time, I might scream.]  It comes in a variety of colors and I think it would be great with skinny jeans tucked in or with boot cut jeans. For those from northern climes, it would also transition nicely into early winter when rain, sleet, and snow become a daily problem.)
Leopard Print on Oversized Scarf at ASOS ($18.56 - ASOS has lots of fun accessories but I especially like this leopard print one. It would go well if you have a black or a brown jacket [or actually if you have one of those military green jackets or a burgundy jacket - or possibly any color - leopard is like a sneaky neutral.] Its a great size but still is a light enough fabric that you won't be dying of heat exhaustion October from wearing it.)
Kate 'Spectator' Pump from Talbots ($149 - Talbots shoes are surprisingly high quality - I have a pair of gray heels from there that I have worn several times a week for several years at this point and they've held up beautifully. This is the first pair of gray heels I've seen that tempt me to finally replace my beloved heels.  I like the simple extra detailing (a little interesting without being distracting) the pointed toe and the chunky heel - which is trendy AND comfortable, my favorite combination.)
Standout Layered Necklace in silver from Forever 21 ($8.80 - F21 has a variety of takes on this style of necklace, but I like this version in silver. You rarely see this style of chain Y necklace in silver (its frequently gold) and I like this darker almost gunmetal silver for a cooler, slightly more edgy look for fall. It also looks great in gold though, and frankly for this price you can probably afford both!  I love F21 jewelry, its hard to have buyers remorse when nothing costs more than $10.)
Metal Haven by Kendall & Kylie Wing Earrings at Nordstroms ($6.98 - its not often that I feature something from the junior's section of Nordies...or something from what I think is the little Kardashian's line of jewelry (I guess)?  But these are cute - I think in the appropriately styled outfit they could fit for work, but really I think they'd be awesome for the weekend. I'm actually envisioning them with the bracelet next to them and perhaps with those awesome DV boots above - you'd look super bad ass...but classily bad ass.)
Cara Wide Woven Leather Bracelet at Nordstrom's Rack ($14.97 - my favorite thing about the current leather trend is there are lots of women's accessories out there right now that walk the edge of kind of "badass tough" while still being pretty and well-made.  I think this bracelet is a great example of that. Paired with a nice pair of jeans, some cool moto boots, and a black dolman shirt (perhaps...just for example), this bracelet would be a fun way to add some of the leather trend to an outfit without going full on leather all the time. Not sure I'd wear it to work in a business casual work environment, but if you work in a creative field you might be able to pull it off.
So there you have it dear readers. some ideas for U&P for black dolman tops AND a sense of where my mind is at this fall. The answer....EVERYWHERE. I'm loving the trends this season, especially the leather, the various types of metallic jewelry, and the jewel tones abounding in every direction. I find myself wanting ALL THE THINGS so I'm really having to exercise some self-control.  

So what about you readers?  What fall items are you most excited about?  Have you made any purchases lately that you are just in love with? If so leave a comment below - I love to hear from you!  
Another inspiration post!  I came across this Hampton Tote (POLKA DOTS) at Gorjana & Griffin today and immediately thought it would be perfect for summer toting needs.  I love the print (obviously) and the bright red lining.  I also love the size - which is perfect for summer day trips to the beach or for picnics...or to the mall.  Whatevs.  The price isn't bad either - coming in at $48 with free shipping - and its made of a sturdy cotton canvas, which I like.  These types of large totes could also make alternatives to more traditional diaper bags for some mom's.  But here are a few other options if this doesn't suit your fancy.
Topshop Canvas Carry-All at Nordstroms ($75 - a nice neutral option with a longer shoulder strap.)
Nordstrom Stripe Tote at Nordstroms ($88 - classic stripe pattern, though I worry about the comfort of the straps.)
Neon Trim Canvas Tote Bag at Last Call by Neiman Marcus ($52.50 - nice way to get in on the neon trend.)
American Rag Convertible Tote in coral at Macy's ($40 - love the color and that it folds for when its not full.)
Stick Print Tote Bag in Red at Last Call by Neiman Marcus ($52.50 - this one is just fun - in a couple of colors.)
DVF Loves Roxy Tote Bag at DVF ($68 - I don't normally recommend something with a recognizable name brand in it, but I love the black and white print with the orange bottom and the matching change purse is cute!)

Okay - I hope you like these!  Obviously I've gone for whimsy here over things that are work appropriate or more "hard-core" sturdy totes.  Mostly that's because that's what I like, but I still think these would be pretty tough and hold up against some abuse.  What do you think?  Anyone have any good canvas tote bag recommendations?