Sun dresses for summer are so fun....and I love this dress from Patagonia - the Margot Dress in "Palm Fronds/Dragonfruit" at 6PM for $41.99 (comes in several designs/colors).  Here are a few more fun summer weekend day dresses that I've seen around the internet recently that I think you all might like.
Emily and Fin Strawberry Print Dress from Asos ($54.90 - so cute and free shipping both ways.)
Riviera Romance Dress at Modcloth ($53.99 - would look so cute with a jean jacket or a moto jacket.)
Bobeau Drape Neck Maxi Dress at Nordstroms ($43.49 - cute and comfy looking)
Vibrant Paisley Maxi Dress from Forever 21 ($29.80 - I'd definitely add a belt - maybe in brown or red.)
Merona Rugby Shirt Dress ($22.99 - available in blue and white also - one good customer review).

Now...clearly....if you are buying a cute dress for bumming around in the need cute new sandals, yes?  Here are a few options!
Merona Essie Woven Upper Slide Sandal at Target ($19.99 - cute, cheap, various colors, and well reviewed.)
Rieker Fanni sandals in gray at Zappos ($105 - the lower wedge might make it more comfortable for many.)
Nude woven mini wedge sandals at Dorothy Perkins ($49 - also come in a woven metallic that are cute.)

Okay...thats just a few sandals for now.  I'm sure I'll post some more soon.  Hope you like them!  Oh summer - I love you so.
Reader Marebella over at Corporette pointed out this great, versatile sandal at DSW.  I like that its simple and not too crazy, while still having some interest.  And for people who don't like flats, the low wedge would be great.  I also really like the colors available - I think the metallic would be great for the spring and summer months with jeans or fun skirts.  The black patent would be nice for a more dressy sandal - say for a summer wedding or if you were a bridesmaid in a wedding that required a great deal of outdoor walking.  Anyway, I have to say - a very nice find by Ms. M.

Adrienne Vittadini Cissy Sandal at DSW ($59.95)
Spring is in the air - I received three separate requests for help picking out sandals!  So let's get to it.  Here are the three e-mails - they each have slightly different needs/desires, but I'll try to find them all something.  Each request is looking for something a little different - but there might be some overlap.  But either way - if you're in the market for new sandals (and who isn't this time of year) - this is the post for you!

Miss Mystery writes: 

Hey! I'm looking for some comfortable summer sandals that aren't flip-flops or those gladiator things. Something dressy enough for church but comfortable and practical as possible. Preferably in a neutral or metallic color. I'm a size 8.5 and don't have more than $75 to spend. Preferably a good return policy too as I'm not an easy fit. If there's anything you can find, please let me know! I love Softwalk shoes a lot but most of their styles are either too expensive or too matronly. Thanks and have a lovely day!

So I'm going to start you off with these Cobb Hill Gisele sandals in Taupe (though they are available in brown as well).  I like that at heart they are basically very sensible sandals - but I think they look relatively stylish (relatively) and the addition of the bling is kind of fun.  They are a bit above budget - but Zappos has an excellent return policy and the Cobb Hill brand gets generally excellent reviews on Zappos (actually - Cobb Hill has several pairs of sandals that may meet your general needs, but the budget is a bit off.)
Generally I try to avoid sandals that have really thin flat bottoms, like the gladiator sandals that you mentioned as disliking.  I don't think they provide enough support and I find them generally really uncomfortable.  But I like these Fitzwell Berry sandals, which indicate that they have extra padding for arch support.  The reviews are also good - though one review notes that the additional arch support really only gets it up to normal amounts of arch support.
Since you mentioned like a metallic option, I thought I'd point to these Naturalizer Cadence sandals.  They come in a variety of colors, including this mixed metallic version.  Naturalizers generally have a good reputation and I think overall they're okay looking. 
For an option that is a bit off the beaten trail, I weirdly like these Blowfish Cha Cha sandals.  The low wedge would probably be easier on your knees then true flats and they are kind of cute (and the linen would probably be nice and cool for summer).  The one review on Zappos is positively glowing.  An interesting option I think.
So - there are actually lots more options out there.  And I may post more periodically in the next couple days (come back and check it out).  Though I'm sure when you look at these over at Zappos you'll also see some others that you like!

Reader M writes: 

Hi! I'm looking for a pair of going out and also office appropriate brown buckle-y/strappy heeled sandals, for going with things that aren't black (since that's the color of most of my clothing). Since most of my wardrobe is black and therefore brown shoes are a sometimes shoe, I'm looking to spend $40-50 or less. I'm also looking for the heel to be slightly thicker for maximum walking capability (I live/work in Manhattan). Some shoes I've been coveting are: The heel was a bit too thin and unstable and Somewhat out of my price range/I like to try on shoes before purchasing and I haven't been able to find them in store. If you have any interest, I would appreciate any help! 

So - for you, I'm going to start out with this Gabriella Rocha Kakra sandals over at Zappos, they are a little above budget, but they are definitely in the same overall look you like (thanks for the examples, that was helpful) but the wedge is going to make them way more stable.  Not sure how you feel about the cork wedge though - I know some love it and some hate it.
So for something a little bit different (and admittedly, not traditionally in the "sandal" genre) - I really, really like these Kenneth Cole Reaction Roll Offshoes on-sale at 6 PM and thus in your price range.  I think they give off a pretty cool vibe and the stacked heel look like they would make them really comfortable for walking in (my biggest worry would just be the fit around the ankle.)
From Nine West, I like these Fanciky sandals for you (they come in two different shades of brown and a cool bronze metallic for anyone interested).  Again the stacked heel is going to give you more support and I think the way the straps wrap around the ankle is cool.  These are the best three I found for you - let me know if none of them are what you were thinking.  I can always look again.
NOLA writes: 

Hey TCFKAG, you know I'm a big shopper but there's something I cannot find. I need some new casual sandals for summer but it seems like most of them this year have a strap or band across the instep. I have a very high instep so that style either doesn't fit me or is very uncomfortable. The kind with the triangle in front with a thong is particularly bad. My favorite summer sandals are a pair of Bandolino beaded thongs (straps in a V shape) with a sliver wedge (not quite flat but not high at all). I have worn them so much the beads are coming off. I prefer a sliver wedge or something with a little build-up in the back because I have damaged knees. Also, the flat ones like what I'm describing from, say, Kenneth Cole, are so ugly. Preferably in black or pewter but I could be convinced to buy other colors. I wear an 8 in sandals/flats and I'd prefer to keep it under $100. Thanks!

So - as you probably guessed you're my hardest match - since you're right, almost everything has a strap over the in-step this season.  But I've tried to find you a couple options that (a) avoid the instep and (b) provide you the support and wedge I think you'll like.  One suggestion that are a bit different than what you described but that I still like are these Anne Klein Cerisler sandals.  They have a low wedge and I think the strap in the front should land in front of your in-step.  They come in black, but I also really like the colorful option.
For a flip-flop sandal that's shaped a bit like the ones you described in your letter, I like these Born Kornelia sandals in Black.  They get great reviews and are pretty cute and it looks like the v of the thong should stay below your in-step.
For a final pair, and going completely off the rails here, I like these bedazzled Steven Tippsy sandals in black.  Not sure if they're too blingy for everyday life for you - but thought I'd throw them out there in case you'd like them.  They also come in a sparkly silver if anyone is looking for a formal near flat sandal for the summer.
And that is all she wrote for sandals today folks.  I'll probably post more in the coming days - not necessarily just responsive to these requests but just in general. What I have learned today is that there are a lot of *really* ugly sandals in the world.  Its much harder to seperate the wheat from the chaff when shopping from sandals than when shopping for regular shoes.  Anyway - I hope these options appeal to you ladies.  Happy shopping and may the odds be every in your favor.