For those of you wondering about the results of the Contest that ended last night at midnight, the winners HAVE BEEN CHOSEN.  But, of course, I decided to be a dumb-dumb and film myself drawing the winners and then edit the movie in iMovie and add in effects its "finalizing the movie which is taking forever. will either be posted late tonight or tomorrow morning but I didn't want you all to think I forgot.  And to hold you over until then, here is something I found the other day that hasn't fit into any of my posts yet but that I'm pretty sure might be the most perfect summer sheath dress I've seen....maybe ever...but definitely this summer.
It is by Classiques Entier and it is their Italian Ponte Dress, at Nordstroms right now for $198.  I just think its lovely and the ruching coming up from the waist is the type of detailing I just love on work sheaths to just give them a little bit of interest without being too much.

A user review if you will.  A while ago I posted this pleated dress from ASOS and decided to order it for myself (I ordered green though its also available in navy and orange.)  I'm so happy it arrived when it did because it is the perfect dress for wearing in hot as hell weather.  It is a very, very light cotton - like a super comfortable t-shirt.  I was worried about the midi length (I'm 5' 3" - I don't NEED to be made look stumpy) but its not TOO long on me and the loose flowy skirt prevents any real stumpification.  Plus you can spend your day sort of swishing your skirt around and just, you know, feeling swirly.  The color is great, the belt is much nicer than most "comes with the dress" belts, and I can't emphasize enough how comfy it is (some might say the fabric seems cheap - but this weekend with this heat, it was exactly what I needed.)  I'm amazed a cotton that light can hold a pleat, but it does, even after sitting down.  The big test will be washing though.

The one thing I will say about the ASOS dress is if you work in a formal or a more "businessy" business casual office, it might be too casual, jut because the fabric is SO light.  I am going to give it a try in my "mostly businessy business casual office where the younger women get away with things because the older male partners probably don't want to say anything and the older female partner doesn't give a shit" office.  I think with a blazer, nice gold jewelry (my orange bangle that is featured in the header looks great with it) and heels it might get dressed up enough to work.  Anyway - USER REVIEWS - look at me, like a real fashion blog or something.

SO! Upshot - keep an eye out for the winners announcement once I get my video ready.  Also - there might be an exciting announcement made about an expansion of scope for this here little blog of mine to go with the posting of that video - so watch for that as well.

(Okay - now maybe I should work on a real post since I spent my whole night trying to film a video of me pulling three names out of a bowl....)

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