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Hi TCFKAG! I love love love your tumblr page - keeps me going through the workday, especially when you post pictures of Matt Bomer :) 

I am a longtime lurker over at Corporette and was wondering if you are open for a shopping challenge. For Mother's Day, I would like to buy my mum a scarf she can wear this summer. She has said repeatedly that she is in the market for a thin (as in fabric, not width), light (again, fabric) thin-striped scarf - sort of like the one here: Stripe Dot Bow Silk Scarf - but just the stripes, no polka dots. Black and white, black and gray, gray and white, red and white or yellow and white combinations will work. 

Any ideas? I would like to keep the price under $100. I'm in Chicago and have access to the major retailers. If I have to purchase it online, I would need to receive it by this weekend. 

OMG!  First of all - I OWN THIS SCARF!!!  I got it when Ru (Hijabeng) brought me to the whole-sale stores in the Garment District in New York City and I got it for $15.  Yay!  I got a good deal (and its super cute in real life - its my new favorite thing ever.)  Anyway - I know exactly the type of scarf you're thinking of.  And I'm sure I can find you some options.  (Also - I will endeavor to post more Bomer for you soon - I've really been slacking on my love of the Matt recently.)  So - below - here are a few options.  And for my other readers, scarfs make a great Mother's Day present.  Or really a great present for lots of occasions  birthday presents for the difficult to shop for friends, secret santa presents, graduation gifts for friends, or just scarves for yourself if - like me - you have a substantial collection. So I will try to give a range of prices so everyone can use this post as a reference for future gift-shopping needs!  (TS - I may include some scarfs that don't fit your exact needs for other reader's reference - but I'll make sure you get lots of options for your mom.)
EDIT: Thank you to Ru for pointing out to me that I spelled scarves wrong THREE times in this post alone.  That is mortifying.  Seriously.  I may hide in a cave for a week (probably not.)  Sorry for the most embarrassing spelling error ever.  Please...if you see other similar errors in the future, feel free to hit me up-side the head in the comments and let me know.  Thanks!  
Nine West Nautical Stripe Scarf in black from Nordstroms ($32 - I know its not entirely striped, but I like the design and the price is right!)
Weekend by Maxmara Palmizi scarf ($98 - not sure how fast this website can get it to you though - maybe look around at other sites?  Its a lovely scarf and linen, so nice and light for summer.)
Italca Striped Linen Scarf in blue multi from Lori's ($48.99 - reads gray to me - and does this place have actual stores in Chicago?)
Calvin Klein striped scarf in coral from Lord & Taylor ($30 on-sale - its pretty - know the color is off.)
Lacoste Women's Cotton Modal Stripe Scarf ($65 - nice red and white option)
Michael Stars Streamline Stripe Wrap in Ship Navy at Zappos ($48.99 - I like this one, its cute.)
Capri Stripe Scarf at Madewell ($45 - made of cotton and linen - I like it.)
Marc by Marc Jacobs MBMJ Print Scarf in Coral Red Multi at Nordstroms ($98 - cute - available in other colors.)
Nordstrom 'Whisper' Cashmere Wrap at Nordstroms ($78 - a great gift idea for women who work in freezing cold offices in the summer - available in four colors.)
Halogen 'Mirror Medallion' Wool Challis Scarf at Nordstroms ($38.36 - available in three colors)
Hand Painted Silk Scarf from Silk Scarves Colorado on Etsy ($68 - I love the shade of red.)

Okay!  There are some ideas.  And I tried to resist polka-dots, even though I totally think that's heresy.  Good luck with shopping for Mother's Day - or whatever other scarf needs you may have!  Happy shopping and may the odds be ever in your favor.
5/7/2013 02:33:50

Hmmmm, I thought we spent $8 on that scarf. $15 is too expen$ive ;).

I haven't worn mine yet. I'm thinking of wearing it with a seersucker dress.


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