Title basically says it all.  I'm just going to post a bunch of the things that I like best from the Nordies Half-Yearly Sale.  Feel free to post your own favorites in the comments.
La Marque Zip Front Leather Jacket ($199.90)
Mural Military Strong Shoulder Blazer ($52.80 - available in navy and red also - a little different but could be fun for weekends.)
Roffe Accessories Silver Trim Scarf ($22.80 - available in tons of colors.)
Sequin Large Feather Plume Hinge Bangle ($22.80 - available in three colors)
Cara Sailor Stripes ponytail holder ($4.98 - available in several colors.)
Caslon Long Sleeve Shirt ($34.80 - available in several colors.)
Jessica Simpson Seersucker Fit and Flare Dress ($58.80)
Simone Perele Revelation Full Underwire Demi Bra ($56.98 - nice price and pretty for a bra for larger busts.) 
Cosabella Soire Soft Bra ($28.80 - a nice choice for those of us of the smaller boob persuasion.)
DKNY Fusion Full Slip ($41.98)

Okay!  That's the first bunch.  There may be another post like this if I see more stuff I like.  Dear readers - are there any items you've seen in the sale that you particularly like?  Or are there any genres of items in the sale that you'd like to see a specific post about?  If so - leave a comment below!
5/23/2013 20:50:52

I'm extremely underwhelmed by the Encore items in the Sale. Wait, let me rephrase: except for about 10 items, the only way I would put any of the items on my body is if someone else bought them for me, and then paid me to wear them.

It's like the HYS for Encore is a way to get rid of the ugliest of ugly, and make plus-sized women think they're getting a great deal.

If straight sizes came in plus sizes, too, the CK Embellished Peplum Dress would be in my closet now. The Opening Ceremony "Skipped" dress. 4.collective Basket Cotton Sheath dress. Kate Spade "Celina" fit and flare. Rachel Roy A-line mini-dress. The seer-sucker dress and the military jacket you mention above.

Why didn't I marry for money when I had the chance, again?

5/25/2013 16:07:40

the Nic + Zoe "Nocturnal Garden" dress is something I could see myself wearing the entire day, though mainly on the weekend. It's a nice dress to go shopping in, the cut is good for lunch and dinner, and it would be lovely to walk along the beach with your S.O. with your shoes off.

5/25/2013 17:00:42

That's pretty! I have a cute Nic & Zoe ponte dress in coral from about a year ago (or two years maybe now) and I love it! I'll have to check out their other stuff. :-)


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