Hello all,

As any of you all who follow my Tumblr or Twitter may have picked up - I am on vacation this week (until Sunday the 23rd.)  Many of the places we're going have limited or no wi-fi or 3G and, well frankly, I will have limited time for posting anyway!  But I'm picking up some great post ideas already - like hiker chic (or how to look cute in travel pics when you're hiking and gross but would still like to look decent in the photos anyway!)

So I may do a couple of posts here and there as I travel and I will return to regular posting when I return on Monday the 24th.  Keep submitting those questions ... and don't forget to use the click through links from the posts here if you decide to buy anything I've recommended ... the relatively small amount of money I earn helps fund my shopping budget (a good cause if ever there was one!)

P.S. If any of you want to get back to my Tumblr or Twitter in the future, they are linked above (Twitter via the Twitter logo and Tumblr via the Yahoo logo because there was no Tumblr logo and Yahoo just bought Tumblr, so my dorky funny bone was tickled pink.  Also if you have an RSS feed, don't forget that you can follow both this blog AND my Tumblr, where I occasionally post random other things that I don't post here...as well as pictures of my dogs, Tom Hiddleston and all of the Avengers, and of course my one true love Matt Bomer.
6/17/2013 10:28:32

Ooh, hiker chic! I am a huge fan of the Royal Robbins discovery skirt for travel and kicking around. I have it in two colors and may get more.


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