So my video finally worked itself out and I can now announce the winners of the 2013 TCFKAG Shops Promotional Contest.  It may become annual - or I may have just stuck 2013 in there for factual clarity.  YOU NEVER KNOW.  But annnnyway, back to the point.  

Just to make sure you all knew everything was on the up and up, I filmed myself putting the names (well, usernames or nicknames) into a bowl and then Monotasker (my husband for those who don't follow my Tumblr) picked the names for us. So it was all very official.  Check out the video - it was my first attempt at iMovie editing, so don't make fun of me (or totally do - its fairly hilarious how difficult I found editing a simple video was.
Don't want to watch a three-minute long video you find out who won?  Well I understand that - so the winners are listed after the break!


Do you enjoy this blog? Would you like to have me help you revamp your wardrobe or get all your Christmas shopping done in August?  Well - then you should enter my contest!  Remember, all you have to do is (1) promote this blog on any social media platform or website, (2) send me proof of such promotion to, and (3) wait to see if your name is one of the three lucky names drawn to win the raffle for my personal shopping services performed via e-mail.  Click through to the link just above here to see the full description but most important important take-away: 
  • And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Reader AW is looking for a guiding hand

Hi, TCFKAG. I love your blog. I had a baby 3 months ago and my feet grew from a size 10 to an 11 wide. I work for the federal government and I would like to purchase a few pairs of comfortable, dressy flats--preferably almond toe-- under $120. Something like these Bandolino Genie flats. I've been looking for black, brown, navy and nude (beige). I like patent material and embellishments, although those things aren't a "must". Thank you for your time TCFKAG. 

For those shopping along at home, here are the (very nice, in my opinion) navy and/or black flats from Bandolino that Reader AW likes so much.  I think they would be great for my readers without size 11W feet - they are a beautiful, professional flat with just enough something, something to prevent them from being too grandmotherly (we can't all be Macklemore.)
So I have got to say, your feet growing and widening after child birth is definitely a mixed blessing.  On the one hand, all new shoes!  On the other hand, you now have feet that would make excellent flippers (my 16 year old swimmer self is totally envious by the way.)  But moving on, those Bandolino's seem quite nice - too bad they don't come in either an 11 OR a wide.  [Insert me shaking my fist at the shoe gods here.]  But I'm sure I can find you some options you like.  I'll try to fit all your preferred color needs - but if I come across another color you might like [cough gray cough] I'll make an executive decision and throw it in there.  One other last minute thought - would you consider a loafer or oxford (they are super in right now).  If so, you might consider looking at men's shoes - many retailers, like Cole Haan for example, make absolutely beautiful oxfords and even some loafers that would look lovely on women and a size 9 wide (or possibly even regular) width men's shoe would be MUCH easier to come by.
Vaneli Serene quilted flat with patent toe-cap at Zappos ($125) - a bit expensive but for some reason I'm very drawn to these.  They have the patent toe cap you like and the quilting is very classic.  They come in a variety of color combinations between the shoes and the toe cap.  Reviews are quite good.
Naturalizer Valya Pump in Inky Navy at Amazon ($68.99 - navy patent leather - the only color left in your size but also navy which you do need!  So, there are a few Naturalizer options in this post, I am not a secret shill for them, but as a brand they seem a good option for those with wide feet.)
Walking Cradles Women's Ringo Ballerina Flat at Amazon ($130 - a bit above budget but the one review says they are like "walking on air" - and I like that they are simple but with a little bling.)
Hush Puppies Candid Wedge in tan at Amazon ($49.99 - so, I bought the coral and cream version of this shoe a couple of weeks ago and I love them.  They are so comfortable, SO comfortable.  I don't ever notice it has a wedge and I wear them basically everywhere.  They come in lots of colors but I thought you'd like the tan for your brown shoe option, trust me on this ... you should DEFINITELY check these out.  Oh - AND you'd be paying $10 less than I did two weeks ago, which at that point was $20 less than everyone else was charging so you'd be getting a deal!  Seeing the price go down again just makes me want to buy them in two or three more colors!!)
Naturalizer Women's Heath Flat at Amazon ($59.99 in the color shown - this comes in several colors including black and an AWESOME gray or brown tweed which would be AMAZING for winter.  But I love this pewter and I think it would be a great workhorse in your wardrobe so I'm suggesting it.  But there's only one left in stock as of tonight so....get on that if you want it!  Otherwise check out the black version which is also pretty amazing.)
Ros Hommerson Metro flats in Camel Kid from 6PM ($59.99 - not sure what shade is actually nude for you, but I hope these are close, if they are I like the bow with some subtle shine and they may breathe for summer.
Naturalizer Vision Flat in Inky Navy at Amazon ($69.95 - another Naturalizer where only navy is available but its cute and I wanted to give you another navy option so - here it is.)
Comfortview Ava Pump in the natural cognac combo at Amazon ($29.77)
Aerosoles Teashop Ballet Flats in red tweed at Amazon ($59.99 - maybe not for summer but once fall roles around I think these flats would be amazing and a great office shoe - probably one of those surprise workhorse items.)
Bass Women's Bedford Skimmer in red at Amazon ($69 - available in black also - love the classic styling but I think the red brings it into the modern world.  A very nice looking option.)
Naya Ava Dark Pink/Dark Venom Floral Flat at 6PM ($64.99 - this bottom row is for shoes that you might not need but you may never have known you wanted - since, you know, my bottom row is where I go rogue.  Anyway, I thought these floral flats are fun as all get out and would be great for going out to drinks or dinner or even to a casual wedding or cocktail party.  Fun way to add a pop of color to an all black ensemble as well!)
Giorgio Brutini Men's Loafer in wine at Amazon ($52.95 - men's wear inspired loafers and oxfords are all the rage right now in women's shoes - why not go straight to the source?  This loafer is lovely, it looks well constructed, and the color is to die for.  And of course a men's size 9 is easier to find - plus I wonder if you'd even BE a wide in men's shoes.)
Ross Hommerson Monet peep-toe flats with polka dots at 6PM ($34.99 - because everyone needs fancy shoes, right?)

So that's all she wrote, at least for now.  Reader AW, I know it took me a bit of time to get back to you, so I hope I'm not too late and you haven't already found all your new shoes.  Either way - going forward - I hope these ideas will help!  Also, just a general tip, I found in my searching that the Endless/Amazon site and the 6PM site had the most options for cute wide shoes (Zappos was pretty disappointing actually).  So - hope that info is helpful going forward.
As the headline suggests, I'm having a little contest.  Since my blog is like a new baby bird, trying to spread its wings and fly, I'd like to give it a little more readership by getting some word of mouth going.  But, I wondered, how should I do that.  So I sat down to think about one is want to do.  And I thought and I thought...and I turned into a heavily muscled man made of bronze.    
But then inspiration struck like a bolt of lightening - I'll have a prize!  Who doesn't like a prize?  What is the prize you ask?  How do I win the prize?  WHAT'S GOING ON HERE????   
Okay so here's how to enter and how to win.

  • Promote TCFKAG Shops on your own blog, facebook, Tumblr, or wherever you have readers or followers who might do what you say (ideally you would say something nice, but content is not a requirement of entry.)  
  • Take a screenshot of the promotion or a link to the promotion and send it to me at
  • One entry per website, but if you have more than one blogging platform you can enter for each one.
  • The contest starts today and ends Thursday, May 30th at 11:59 PM.
  • At that point, all entrants will be entered in a random lottery.
  • Three (3) winners will be selected to win personal shopping from me via email.
  • Email personal shopping can take the form that most suits your interest but can include any of the following: (1) style advice based on pictures of you in outfits you already own, (2) wardrobe refresh advice, (3) shopping advice (of course), (4) dressing for your body-type advice, (5) gift ideas for those you know and love or (6) on-line shopping lessons (give a woman a fish, she eats for a day, teach a woman to fish, she eats for a lifetime.)  But the process will differ from what I do on the website because it will be interactive and involved.  You can ask follow-up questions and the answers will be better matched to your tastes and needs.  Plus it'll be fun.

So - if you're interested - START PROMOTING.  Word of mouth is the best way to spread the news about a new blog and I'd love to get some more regular readers!  Let's do this thing people...I'll give periodic updates during the course of the week about how its going.  And lets just hope it doesn't end up like this.
But instead ends up more like this!