Reader CB the Cobalt Blue lover asks:

I've been invited to a color party! The general idea of the party is that everyone is supposed to wear only one color from head to toe. I've been assigned something in the blue family and I feel like this is the perfect time to find that cobalt or primary blue sheath dress I've been itching for. It's nothing super super fancy - more like nice wine and hors d'oeuvres, but I imagine a good number of the attendees will go from work to dinner with a change of shoes/accessories so nothing too cocktail-esque, ideally. The catches - I'm on a budget. I really don't want to spend more than $100 or so for the dress, since such a bright color isn't all that rewearable, at least not often. I am a size 2/4, of average height, and definitely Figure 8 shaped (hourglass with a high hip). I look terrible in high necklines and cap sleeves don't tend to do me any favors. I look great in things I can belt since my waist is small in comparison to my hips. Besides that -- go for it! Would love any shoe/accessory suggestions too! Shoes -- comfort is key, but I can do heels up to 4in (but in that case, I pretty much only buy them if the reviews mention that they're comfortable -- I have abandoned my shoes at parties too many times!) I wear a 9.5. Thanks! (PS - please anonymize my name/don't print my email)

Note: Before I get started - and to address something that has come up in several posts now - I *will not*  EVER post anyone's real names or email addresses or share them with any third parties without your permission (for example, I introduced one of the winners of the personal shopping prizes to a friend who lives in her city - but that was with permission).  Heck - I'm very hesitant to email you at the email provided unless I sense the contact might be welcomed and the question needs serious clarification and/or you seem like someone who needs more help than I can provide in one answer.  If you read the other posts, I think you will find that (even in the video for the promotional contest, for entrants whose names I knew, I created monikers for them.)  I will add a note about this on the submission page, but do not fear, I will not reveal your name.  And in this case, I have edited out some information that seemed dangerously close to personally identifiable - just to keep your  identity super secret - more Batman than Superman if you know what I mean.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming - with first a startling realization. I had such a whirlwind busy day today, I almost didn't do a post.  Oh sweet Grilled Cheesus.  But then this request popped up in my ask box and ticked my funny bone.  My goal for you: a cobalt blue hat or fascinator (not too ugly), a cobalt blue dress as requested, a cobalt blue wrap (I have one in mind actually), cobalt blue jewelry, and cobalt blue shoes (ideally that can be reworn and are conservative enough and comfortable enough to be worn to work.)  I think these are good and achievable goals.  And since your assignment is "blue family," some of the jewelry recs may come from slightly contrasting shades of blue - but I think that's okay and will just make your outfit more interesting.  I'll try to make it both.  But here goes, from head to toesy-woesies. 
Cobalt Blue Hat, Fascinator, or Head Piece
Sapphire/Cobalt (or Royal) Blue Flower Hair Clip Facinator with Swarovski Crystal detail from Forever Cherish Design on Etsy ($22 - this may be navy but its the prettiest of the MANY flower clip options I saw on Etsy.  See also this one, which is almost the opposite with white as the contrasting color.)
Royal Blue Rosette Fascinator from cocorosecouture on Etsy ($20 - says its Royal Blue - but really looks cobalt - also sparkly!  See also this one, which is actually a true "fascinator" though in navy - but I think if you want a true Duchess look this is the way to go.)
Michelle Large Vintage Cobalt Blue ribbon Headband ($60- so thinking a bit outside the box, designers make these head bands to match [or out of, its unclear] the belts for wedding gowns - so many are varying shades of blue.  A little pricy, but more reusable  and WAY more sparkly - plus you may be more comfortable in a headband then in a fascinator.)
The dress is, of course, the most important part of this whole shindig.  I will try to stay firmly within your budget and find a v-neck sheath dress.  It sounds like, from your description, you are actually more like what Inside Out Style guide would call an "8 shape" - which is - as you described a curvy figure but with a higher hip line and with a slight pear shape at the bottom.  If you agree with that and would like to learn more about what that means and how to dress it, go here - I think she's great and gives really good advice (though pay attention to your own experiences as well - no fashion blogger/advice giver is god.)  The most important things I have learned about dressing an 8 ideally are: emphasize the natural waist, which is likely somewhere right above or below your ribcage. You also probably look good in trouser jeans/straight leg pants and also good in pencil skirts. And if your shoulders are narrower than your hips, you should use blazers and other slightly bulkier tops to balance them out.
V is for Vivacious dress at Mod Cloth ($64.99 - I love this dress for a party; the lace keeps it just a bit safe, while the slightly low cut front and back give it a little edge. For the non-lace lovers out there, there is a similarly cut dress on Mod Cloth here too. P.S. Not a sheath, I know, but a dress with a mild a-line that cinches at your natural waist is going to be wildly flattering on you.)
Ruched Faux Wrap Dress in Fiesta by Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique at Nordstroms ($98 - this is either navy or cobalt but I'm hoping its cobalt. This should be great on you, its gathered right at your natural waist (?) with flattering ruching, those sleeves really aren't capped and the v-neck is there but not too low cut for work. There is a reason this is "The Dress" on Corporette.)
Pim + Larkin Textured Ponte Dress in cobalt blue at Piperlime ($69.99 - I know this doesn't meet your criteria of no high necked dresses - but in many other ways its just what you need.  Belted at your natural waist and with the right accessories, this is a great party dress - but with a blazer and more formal shoes and accessories this is the perfect work dress. How MUCH do you dislike high necklines?)
Floral Asymmetric Neck Dress in blue dinghy from Ann Taylor ($98 - if I was choosing a patterned dress, I think I'd choose this one, it is predominately the color of choice with just bits and pieces of the other color peeking through.  And its a lovely take on the J-Crew Origami asymmetric neckline that's so popular now.  I know you don't love the cap sleeves, but if I recommend pretty wraps, will that help? I'm doing that anyway - so ... there.  [Sticks out tongue like fourth grader.] AT actually has several dresses that might work, you should toodle around their website if you have time Reader BC.)
Tie-Waist Fluid Henley Shirtdress in brilliant blue from the Gap ($64.95 - so this might be more royal than cobalt - hard to tell from the picture, but since you said your event was not super formal, I wanted to give you a couple not TOO formal options.  My biggest foreseeable problem with this is it probably ties well below your natural waist, which can be terribly unflattering and is why a shirtdress I bought on a whim once sits in my closet.  P.S. Gap also has this dress that fits the bill for the nice price of $29.99!)
Tahari ASL Cobalt Blue sheath dress at 6PM ($59.99 after discount - still be sold for significantly more elsewhere - available in your size. So I think this is close to the perfect sheath dress. I love the tabbed waist detailing at the high waist, the pockets in the front and the slight scoop neckline. Yes it has cap sleeves, but I wear blazers or cardigans with my sheath dresses 89.9% of the time anyway....perhaps you do to?  I don't know - your opinion may vary - but this seems like a pretty great option for you.)

Cobalt Blue Wraps or Scarfs

Chejon shimmer frayed end at Lord & Taylor ($34 on sale - one note, web site says color is turquoise but it looks pretty cobalt to my eye.)
Ikat Print Scarf from Target ($19.99 - a scarf could be a great place to add a print to the outfit - especially at this price.)

Cobalt Shoes (or as I would say, the best part.)

Michael Antonio Raquelle Pump in  blue at Amazon ($28.79 - these shoes are fun and perfect for this kind of party - with just enough quirk and edge to show you're not just rocking your work shoes.  And the price means that you can AFFORD not to just rock your work shoes.)
Kimchi Blue Cone Heel Pump in cobalt at Urban Outfitters ($24.99 - I honestly know nothing about this brand and what I know about U.O. isn't great. But the price is good and maybe the risk on quality is worth it. Because you know, you don't really need "forever" shoes and these are cute and vintagey.)
Miri Midheel Suede pump in lustrous blue from J-Crew ($149.99 - unlike the last shoe, this shoe very well could be a "forever shoe." People rave over their J-Crew pumps and this color would almost certainly be surprisingly versatile.  It has exceeded my mental budget for possible new shoes, but thought I'd share anyway.)
Camdyn Cutout Toe Pumps in cyan blue from AT Loft ($49.99 - I'm not sure if the main shoe color in this is navy or royal or cobalt, but I am sure I don't care and think you HAVE to get these darling shoes. I think they're my favorite shoes I've seen in awhile. the color combo of the edging and the main shoe is perfect, the cutouts are cute, and the heel height is perfect. My only issue is the suede, because suede is really not a sensible shoe material here in the NE. But that is a MINOR quibble about an otherwise aDORable shoe that ALSO has great reviews.  10/10 for you AT Loft.)
Seychelles 'Know What I Mean' flat at Nordstroms ($89.95 - a bit high in my mentally created budget, frankly, but also a surprisingly cute pair of flat peep toes.  Usually they're pretty hideous but these are cute.  And cobalt.  And probably sturdy and comfortable since this is a good brand.  Who knows - probably better for your feel than heels.)
Vince Camuto Hallee Pump in Turquoise/Aqua at Nordstroms ($48.96 - these would be a great choice if you decided to go with one contrasting element in the shoes.  This is still in the "blue family" but would add a fun zing to the outfit. And are so sensible and plain looking *except* for the color that I think they'd be a great work statement shoe.)
Okay folks - that's it for now - I know I said I was going to do jewelry, but frankly, this post is enough of a monolith to sort through right now as is without adding to o much more to it today.  Hope everyone had a good Tuesday and has a fabulous Wednesday.  Adios - hasta la vista (not babies since I don't know you and you're all probably grown women!)  haha.
Reader CB (aka Batman)
6/12/2013 03:08:39

Thanks TCFKAG! These recs are AWESOME and those studded shoes may or may not be on their way to me as we speak. Can't wait for the party and I *love* that Gap dress as well as the printed dress. I never even thought about a fascinator, either! Can I pull it off, not sure, but I'm going to try!

Anyway thanks for the great thoughts - you're awesome!

6/12/2013 11:16:52

Hi! I'm Melanie from Forever Cherish Design and the designer/creator of the cobalt blue fascinators that you recommended. Thank you for the compliments on my work! Your recommendations for your reader are great! The fascinators are cobalt blue, but I also make them in navy. Thanks for recommending my work!

Blonde Lawyer
7/12/2013 13:54:08

Just ordered the UO shoes. They were marked down to $19.99 and I got another 15% w/ code. $10 shipping but still worth it. I used your link. Hope you get $$!!


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