Kanye East, a long time reader on Corporette and an all around awesome human being, makes beautiful jewelry that she sells on Etsy.  I love buying things from her.  But even more, I love designing custom jewelry in cooperation with her.  She's an amazing artisan.  The top five images above are from Kanye's Gewgaw and Gimcrack store at Etsy.  The bottom two are from other stores that I am including in the interest of full interest - but also because they are beautiful.  All in all, I love buying jewelry from Etsy.  There is more interesting, fun stuff being done over there then anywhere else.

Gewgaws & Gimcracks store (I'm linking to the whole store so you can look at ALL THE PRETTIES).
Carnelien Tourmaline and Citrine Necklace from NansGlam (ships from the US and has good reviews)
Labradorite and Aqua Chalcedony Rosary Necklace (also ships from the US and has good reviews)
4/27/2013 10:59:41


4/27/2013 11:04:41

She is our glorious leader and we must appreciate her as such.

4/27/2013 12:04:35

If I get internet famous, I will owe it all to you! THANK YOU! I'm overjoyed when people like my jewelry, and I love designing things with my internet frayns!

4/28/2013 00:01:56

Pshaw...you are already internet famous!!!


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