Teal is one of those colors that is frequently on the "universally flattering" lists.  Well, I don't know about universally flattering, but I sure do know that I love it.  A couple months back I got this great bandage style body-con three-quarter sleeve cocktail dress (which I have never been able to find on-line for a picture, much to my chagrin) and I just love teal for a formal event.  Its not black, red, or navy - which are so common - but its still dark enough and neutral enough that it will work for almost any event in any season.  Why am I telling you all this, you ask?  Because I found the most perfect teal cocktail dress tonight and it inspired me to do an all teal cocktail dress post, jest because I can.
This is a Tadashi Shoji Lace & Tulle Sheath Dress from Nordstroms ($298 - the color is technically aqua blue but it looks pretty teal to me. The other colors are cantaloupe and Jute - which looks either off-white or pale pink or peach [a GREAT option for brides looking for a short dress for a casual or courthouse wedding.]  Anyway, I love the lace on this dress.  Frequently the lace on the lace dresses out there right now is either an afterthought or it looks like it came of my grandmother's dining room table, this lace has style, looks interesting and purposeful, and has a modern aesthetic I like. Overall, I gotta say, I sort of regret I already own a teal cocktail dress.)

But - since this dress is a bit on the rich for my blood side of the coin - I mean, maybe if I were shopping for my rehearsal dinner or if I had a very important networking cocktail party or my brother got married and I wasn't a brides maid...or something like that - but I just don't attend enough formal events to justify the expense.  Which stinks if you ask me, there should be more formal events in my life so I can justify buying more fancy cloths.  Moving on - here are some other teal cocktail dresses (and I'll probably throw in some work stuff, since those I'd be more willing to buy/even spend a bit more on since, you know, daily wear and all.)

Adrianna Papell V-Neck Shutter Pleat Sheath Dress at Nordstroms ($158 - this dress has been around for awhile now and has fantastic reviews. Would be a great "day to night" dress I think. Comes in a fantastic looking purple as well.)
Ali Ro Teal Printed Stretch Jersey Dress at Neiman Marcus Last Call ($115.50 most sizes still available.  A PRINT, love the teal mixed with aqua.  But the length is a concern - hopefully more reasonable on those of us of more average height?)
Maxi Dress in blue (teal) from Dorothy Perkins ($25 - most sizes available. Needs a belt and maybe nice gold or silver sandals a bangle or two and a blazer. Check the side slit before making decision.)
Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique Cap Sleeve Boat Neck Lace Sheath Dress at 6PM ($81.99 - most sizes available and good price - I think the lace on this dress is still interesting and more modern than most and I love a good boatneck, but it does lack a certain something that the Tadashi has. But at $200 less, maybe the something isn't THAT important?)
Kay Unger Satin Slash-Neck Dress from Sakes ($186 - many sizes still available. So truth time - I personally don't like satin. There is a none satin version of this dress but it is aqua (and more expensive with fewer sizes available ) Both are honestly lovely with just enough interest to make them feel special.  Big fan.
So, this bottom row is going to be just a few dresses I found that are *similar* but not quite teal - they're certainly in the teal color family - but they just don't qualify.  But I've said it before and I'll say it again.  It's my blog and I'll do what I want.
French Connection Teal and Black Striped Jersey Knit Dress at Blue Fly ($69.30 - Rarely are FC dresses so long - and I like the gradation in color, which I usually don't. The price is low because only 6 and 8s are left.)
 Mixed-Eyelet Dress in Tranquil Teal from Old Navy ($25 - a great price for a dress that could be a weekend essential. Only available in one size on line, but I clicked on "find in store" and several stores near me had it, so worth a look see. 
Christin Michaels Kikie Dress in teal and black at 6PM ($34 - again, limited sizes only. I might love this dress. It is perfect for work, with a black blazer or cardi - or you could try aqua or purple or this is the perfect outfit to try mixing black and navy.)
Ivy & Blue for Maggy Boutique Lace Shift Dress at Nordstroms ($148 - this dress is really more green than teal, but still lovely and I again love the lace design on this one.  The shift dress would work well for long waisted or straighter figured women.  Does anyone know much about the Ivy & Blue line?  I've never heard of it before, which surprises me.)
Tadashi Shoji Sleeveless Mesh Striped Jersey Dress in "sky" at Nordstorms ($198 - all sizes available.  This is going here because its probably more aqua - also I think I've recommended it before in black and its the same designer as the inspiration dress, which is just cheating.)
Torrid Teal and Nude All-Over Lace Dress at Amazon ($68.50 - so the website calls this teal but it really looks aqua, hence its presence in this row. For a fun, summer dress for weddings, parties, dates or drinks with the girs, I love this dress.  Would look great on O-shaped women I think and the wide straps are nice.)

So - there you go - a bunch of teal (or near teal) dresses to maybe add to the color wheel that I'm sure you keep track of in your wallet. (Lol....I definitely don't do that.)  I quick note for my loyal readers...or the Corporetters who swing by occasionally, both the Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique Pleated Jersey Dress and "the Dress", otherwise known as the Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique Ruched Faux Wrap Dress come in teal. Something to think about if you were considering purchasing either of them and were on the fence.  They come in one of the three or four best colors in the whole world.

Editors note: You may notice I made another slight change to my layout again - a friend who reads the blog on her phone said she was having trouble differentiating between the text that associated with a picture and the text that wasn't - so I decided to make that text a different color.  I also threw in some dividers to try to make different sections of the blog a bit clearer.  Let me know what you think in the comments or send me a message through the contact form.  Do you read on the phone or on a computer?  Does this make it easier to read on either of those?  Has it started to look choppier?  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  THANKS.  

P.S. I just edited it because, for some reason, the original article did not include the link to the Tadashi Shoji dress of the inspiration!  Thanks for pointing that out reader Aif!  Enjoy your shopping.
6/1/2013 16:44:09

That Tadashi Shoji dress is gorgeous. I can personally say that teal is NOT a universally flattering color ... I look like death warmed over in it. But you've just made my day with your choice of inspiration today! Really enjoying the blog.

6/1/2013 16:58:08

Huh, interesting. What is your skin-tone/hair color like (just curious - definitely no pressure to answer). I should know NEVER to trust people who think THIS is appropriate ways to style a dress.http://tcfkag.tumblr.com/post/51437202533/glamour-editors-were-given-a-cute-though-short

6/2/2013 15:03:13

Yellow-toned pale skin with warm brown hair ("spring" coloring in the typical color analysis). I can do aqua but not teal... I'd have to slather on the makeup with teal. White does the same thing to me. I would totally buy the Tadashi Shoji dress in the Cantaloupe color though!

6/8/2013 16:48:25

I have similar colouring to Victoria and I think I look great in teal. Love it and enjoyed this post. The new layout is great too.

7/12/2013 20:12:06

is the Tadashi Shoji Lace & Tulle Sheath Dress still available anywhere? its absolutely incredible

8/1/2013 08:58:26

It is still available on Nordstrom's [http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/tadashi-shoji-lace-tulle-sheath-dress/3434946].


Why am I telling you all this, you ask? Because I found the most perfect teal cocktail dress tonight and it inspired me to do an all teal cocktail dress post, jest because I can.

7/13/2015 20:52:06

Why am I telling you all this, you ask? Because I found the most perfect teal cocktail dress tonight and it inspired me to do an all teal cocktail dress post, jest because I can.


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